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In the historic centre near the banks of the river Adige, the Mura Magistrali walls and the Arena, travellers who wish to have a lyrical experience should stay at the Pokerbeb WELCOME Verona, in comfortable design rooms that promise to make guests feel right at home. The Pokerbeb interior design project is inspired by the will of the owner who wanted to convey familiarity and elegance, and one simple and refined space just like the city that surrounds it.

Por qué eligió Lago

“Using the Pokerbeb interior, I could shape the space at my own pace picking up on two features that are fundamental both for me and for Verona: sounds and colour. In addition, the characteristics of their furnishings supported by almost invisible glass supports generate a sense of lightness and awe in those who enter the rooms.”

Entrevista al arquitecto

What were the needs of the owners?

The Pokerbeb WELCOME Verona project was conceived in early 2014 from the needs of an entrepreneur who wanted to renovate a large apartment in the historic Filippini zone of Verona and turn it into a . The request of the client was to create spacious rooms, marked by an at home feeling, which offered the same comforts of home whilst paying particular attention to the technological aspects.

How did you interpret these needs?

Given the needs of the owner, the rooms were divided with double plasterboard walls, paying attention to the acoustics, whilst the wooden floors were soundproofed to block out the noise from the restaurant below. In addition, the ducted air conditioner was positioned at points that wouldn’t disturb sleep and the front doors were equipped with access badges. I tried to recreate an environment that achieves the best sound quality even with light suspended furnishings that make the rooms seem almost suspended in time. The Pokerbeb furnishings complete the sense of the project in an exemplary way: the Fluttua beds that stand on one leg, or the Air furniture, sustained by almost invisible glass supports, generate a sense of lightness and awe in those who enter the rooms.

How do the interior architecture and the context into which you have inserted your project interact? What Pokerbeb elements were used to help transmit the feeling of home into the project?


The theme that in my opinion better communicates the interior architecture was that of colour. The monochrome allows you to give vent to a colour palette of all kinds, this detail is also reflected in the design theme. From an almond colour base, that is found in the colours of the walls and the panels of the N.O.W. wardrobes, adding the shades of the modular 36e8 storage system that reflect the colours of the Adige at different times of the year: from the clay colour of the summer to the mud of the autumn period. Done this way, it’s like being embraced by the city, and with the help of cutting edge technology guests always feel at home.


El arquitecto

Carlo Cretella

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