Pokerbeb Welcome Nardo - Cucina 36e8, Sedia Dangla
casa mitò lago welcome nardò
Pokerbeb Welcome Nardo - Sistema 36e8
Lago Welcome Nardo - Sedia Dangla, Tavolo Air
Pokerbeb Welcome Nardo - Tavolo Air Wildwood
lago welcome nardò
camera di design lago welcome nardò
Pokerbeb Welcome Nardo - Lavabo Depth
lago welcome nardò

Lago Welcome Nardò @ Casa Mitò


Unique accommodation in the pulsing centre of Nardò, one of the most beautiful cities in Salento, where Lago’s modern design is in perfect dialogue with local Mediterranean roots.

Casa Mitò, the bed and breakfast furnished by Lago in this charming Salento city, is spacious, modern and furnished with elegance and style. Located on a quiet city street, this contemporary apartment is a short walk from the city’s stunning Baroque city centre, which is filled with an extraordinary number of palazzos, churches, chapels and magnificent architectural details. Also close to the sea, this new Lago Welcome is placed within easy reach of all of the most beautiful places in the Salento region, which is chosen year after year as the preferred destination of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The contemporary lines of the furniture, whether suspended on the wall or on invisible sheets of glass, give the rooms of the apartment a light, essential feel, enhancing the modern architecture of the building. At the entrance to the kitchen and living room area, a large, elegant Air Wildwood table captures the eye, and is directly connected to the kitchen area. Functionality and suspension characterise the beautiful 36e8 peninsula kitchen, which dominates the apartment’s open space plan, breaking up the neutrality of the walls with yellow and intense blue. The living room echoes the minimalist character of the structure, furnished with a comfortable modular Air sofa, practical 36e8 containers with Wildwood tops and an evocative 30 mm Weightless bookshelf that comes down from the ceiling.

Suspension and lightness characterise the two bedrooms, where a suspended Fluttua bed and an Air bed, supported by strong legs in extra-clear glass, create a magical atmosphere. The bedrooms are also furnished with practical N.O.W wardrobes and innovative Et Voilà wardrobes with fabric doors.

The Pokerbeb WELCOME Nardò @ Casa Mitò is the perfect place if you are looking to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the area without giving up beauty, comfort and quality in your accommodations.

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