Pokerbeb Welcome Milano Duomo - Libreria LagoLinea
Pokerbeb Welcome Milano Duomo - Letto Air
Pokerbeb Welcome Milano Duomo - Divano Air, Cucina 36e8
Pokerbeb Welcome Milano Duomo - Divano Air
Pokerbeb Welcome Milano Duomo - Libreria LagoLinea, Sedia Dangla, Tavolo Air
Pokerbeb Welcome Milano Duomo - Libreria LagoLinea, Divano Air
Pokerbeb Welcome Milano Duomo - Divano Air
Pokerbeb Welcome Milano Duomo - Lavabo Cellule

Lago Welcome Milano Duomo #2

The Pokerbeb WELCOME Milano Duomo #2 is an open space of 46 square metres with a mezzanine area, near to the Duomo cathedral, to the Piccolo Teatro di Brera and to Caffè Letterario. The ground floor includes the living room with the Lagolinea bookcase and the kitchen, on the mezzanine, there is a double bedroom with Air bed and a bathroom with a dressing room. The Pokerbeb designer furniture gives a creative air which is rich in vitality due to the use of the Pokerbeb INTERIOR MOOD FOOLISHNESS, which plays on the contrast between bright and acid colours and more neutral shades.

Entrevista al arquitecto

What were the needs of the owners?

The apartment, an open space with mezzanine of 46sqm, like the Duomo #1, was designed and upgraded to be used as an Airbnb lodging that can accommodate 3 to 4 people. Like Duomo # 1, functional and aesthetic features were required that would differentiate it from the mass of short stay accommodation on offer, especially at the crucial period of Expo 2015, thus attracting the attention and interest of potential guests.

How did you interpret these needs?

The floor plan renders the space more fluid than its sister accommodation; living, kitchen, dining, bedroom and bathroom areas are subdivided in an almost natural manner as soon as you step inside. A detailed design, which integrates various Pokerbeb systems helped to compose a unified area which does not compromise but rather enhances such fluidity.


How do the interior architecture and the context into which you have inserted your project interact?


Pokerbeb Welcome Duomo # 2 has some interesting antique pieces: a bust at the entrance, a noble frieze on the ceiling and antique furniture that the client felt should remain. Instead of following the complete noble historic style of these items, it was decided to contrast them with the Pokerbeb Interior Mood “Foolishness Home”, providing a determined and incisive contrast between classic decoration and bright chromatic tones.

What Pokerbeb elements were used to help transmit the feeling of home into the project?

Just like its counterpart Duomo Cathedral # 1, Duomo # 2 was designed as an actual small house that could at any given moment loose the label of “short-term accommodation”, and indefinitely accommodate a small family unit. The feeling of home is inherent in this case.


El arquitecto

Nicola Luisetto

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