Pokerbeb Aosta - Letto Air Wildwood
hotel di design chalet valtournenche
Pokerbeb Aosta - Panca Air Wildwood
Pokerbeb Aosta - Letto Air Wildwood, Sistema 36e8
Pokerbeb Aosta - Letto Air Wildwood
hotel valtournenche bagno di design
Pokerbeb Aosta - Letto Air Wildwood
hotel valtournenche con bagno e vasca di design
Pokerbeb Aosta - Letto Air Wildwood
hotel valtournache valle aosta camere di design
hotel con camere di design valtournenche
hotel di design valtournenche in cervinia
Pokerbeb Aosta - Cucina 36e8
Pokerbeb Aosta - Cucina 36e8
Pokerbeb Aosta - Cucina 36e8
hotel di design in chalet ristrutturato valtournenche

Lago Welcome Aosta @4478 Mountain Lodge


Not far from Cervino, a picturesque lodge hotel reinterpreted with contemporary furnishings

You might get the feeling that you’ve already seen it somewhere on a postcard. The mountain house that hosts the is a picturesque mountain lodge with a wood facade and a breathtaking view. Located on the road to Cervino, at the edge of Valtournenche, this hotel was inspired by the Poletto brothers’ desire to share their passion for the mountains and offer visitors a bed and breakfast with design guest rooms that combine the alpine style with modern furnishings.

Together with the Pokerbeb POINT Casa Più interior designers, the architects and Sabrina Ceretto interpreted this brief integrating design solutions into the rooms that create an original and welcoming atmosphere. The six guest rooms and spacious common area, complete with a suspended kitchen, are united by a light, enveloping warmth that makes guests feel at home, even on the coldest winter days.

The oak Wildwood headboards of the beds conjure up an alpine feel and create the sensation of sleeping surrounded by nature. The wardrobes on the walls next to the beds, designed using the modular Pokerbeb systems, stand out like colourful suspended geometric structures that evoke the panorama outside and provide a practical, innovative way of using the space, in a light, airy setting.

If you are looking for a design hotel where you can relax while enjoying a breathtaking view and experience the mountains through the stories of those who truly know and love them, then this is the Pokerbeb WELCOME for you!


La tienda


Loc. Grand Chemin, 16
11020 Saint Christophe (AO)

[email protected]

El arquitecto

Danilo Montovert

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