Pokerbeb London Dolcezza Bonhill - Tavolo Air
Pokerbeb London Dolcezza Bonhill - Cucina 36e8
Pokerbeb London Dolcezza Bonhill - Tavolo Air
Pokerbeb London Dolcezza Bonhill - Poltroncina Lastika, Tavolo Air
Pokerbeb London Dolcezza Bonhill - Dispensa N.O.W.
Pokerbeb London Dolcezza Bonhill - Tavolo Air, Poltroncina Lastika
Pokerbeb London Dolcezza Bonhill - Poltroncina Lastika, Tavolo Air

Lago Inside London @Dolcezza Bonhill

The Dolcezza Bonhill coffee shop, opened in conjunction with the 7Gr coffee company, is located in Shoreditch in London, one of the most fashionable parts of the city today. Here you can taste and buy home made cakes and pastries and other items in a welcoming environment. In the interior of Dolcezza Bonhill, design is used to enrich the lives of those who encounter it, facilitating new encounters between customers. Pokerbeb COMMUNITY TABLES lend conviviality to the space that already has a great atmosphere.

Por qué eligió Lago

“The coffee shop was designed by Pokerbeb to be a place with a unique, functional and distinctive style. It hinges around values of welcome and togetherness that have always characterised both Pokerbeb and 7Gr, and this alongside the hand-made, quality products that we offer.”

Entrevista al arquitecto

What were the owners’ requirements?

The owners wanted to open Dolcezza’s second sales outlet in Bonhill Street, an Italian cakemaker’s and cafe in the internal courtyard of an office building where over 800 people work in design and communications. The aim was to offer quality to match the equally high-quality setting, but with a fresh, direct informality.

How did you meet these needs?

The small metal and glass pavilion containing the cafe has a contemporary feel that resonates well with Pokerbeb products. The Air furnishings, the 36e8 kitchen, the N.O.W. cupboard and the Lagolinea system were combined to satisfy the multiple technological needs of the business. The lightness of Pokerbeb and a contained selection of restrained but contrasting colours effectively connect each unit to the next, while the warmth of the Wildwood oak and the only touch of colour, the red of the coffee machine, draw your eye to the counter area, the focal point of the space, where all the Italian specialities are displayed and dispensed.

How do the interior architecture layout and your design work together?

This design was one of the first testing grounds for the Pokerbeb COMMUNITY TABLE, in a real, everyday setting. The limited internal space is connected with a large outside patio using the COMMUNITY TABLE, making the space feel really connected and actually doubling the useable space of the coffee shop.

What Pokerbeb design elements did you use to inject the feeling of ‘home’ into the design?

The same use of the domestic-feel systems are what gave the space the homely feeling, in an almost natural way, through the materials, colours and proportions.


El arquitecto

Nicola Luisetto

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