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lago at work san marino

Lago At Work San Marino @ Studio Commerciale Bologna


How can you design a professional office that is at the same time as welcoming and full of life as a home? In San Marino, we designed an accountant’s office starting from the concept of a home-like feeling

In Dogana, Republic of San Marino, we have just opened the new Pokerbeb AT WORK SAN MARINO @ Studio Commerciale Bologna, a work space that feels like a home, designed to foster the well being and productivity of the people who work there every day.

The aim of the interior project, by MOBILI GENNARI, was to create a modern, essential design-driven space, eliminating the formal, canonical image of a professional office. The interior was conceived as an ideal home, divided into workspaces and emphasising the comfort of the employees and creating a welcoming atmosphere for clients, who immediately feel like part of the context.

From the moment you enter the office, you are aware of the change in language. The space is lively and casual, a real surprise with respect to canonical professional offices. Indeed, the design for the interior is focused on innovative, stimulating scenographic elements that make everyone feel immediately welcome. Suspended shelving comes down from the ceiling like a stalactite, dividing the space with a light touch and serving as a curtain for the reception area, where two Huggy armchairs and a Softswing swing invite clients to have fun and relax while waiting. The space is completed by a wardrobe with a fabric door that, like a magical box, disappears into the architecture of the space.

The two meeting rooms, set apart from the rest of the office to create privacy, were designed in the same style. The Air tables with white glass tops, suspended on extra-clear tempered glass legs, lend elegance and light to the offices, and are paired with stunning Wildwood benches, a rough material that creates a strong contrast with the perfection of the glass.

A design-driven, practical, comfortable workspace improves the productivity of the people who work there, positively influencing social interaction and making it easier to work with customers and clients: open your own Pokerbeb AT WORK.


Dott. Marco Bologna Dottore Commercialista & Revisore Contabile


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