Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air
Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air, AltaLena SoftSwing
Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air, Libreria LagoLinea
Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air, Libreria LagoLinea, Poltrona Huggy
Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air
Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air, Altalena SoftSwing
Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air, Cucina 36e8
Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air, Libreria LagoLinea
Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air, Cucina 36e8, Sedia School,
Pokerbeb Milano Monforte - Tavolo Air

Lago at Work Milano @Monforte

Monforte, a digital communications agency, wanted to overturn their work style by reorganizing the team internally, and create a more friendly and transparent environment for their customers. The division of space was not optimal, and the building had become too small for the fifteen employees: the leap in quality had to be radical. The Pokerbeb design project involved a new building, creating a project with high visual impact, which was welcoming and open.

Por qué eligió Lago

“We knew of Pokerbeb design, which gave space to the ideas of all. The Pokerbeb project made the loyalty of our customers a possibility, for whom it has now become a habit to stop by for a visit. The modularity and clean lines of the Pokerbeb elements have been fundamental to giving the project character and functionality.”

Entrevista al arquitecto

What were the needs of owners?

Andrea had an important and ambitious goal: he wanted to give an image and commercial boost to his business. To achieve this result he put into play many resources: firstly he decided to change the venue, moving the offices to a location on the ground floor that was very spacious and bright. It had an open floor plan (with the exception of the bathroom spaces) arranged in three aisles divided by evocative and fascinating columns. To furnish them he had simple but clear ideas: fluid workstations, welcoming environments like those found in the home and, above all, a large, functional kitchen for the frequent culinary meetings of employees.

How have you interpreted those needs?

Actually, the indications received were few but clear. And most of all shared! And finally, by an employer who wanted to create a home-like environment in the offices to put employees and, especially, customers at ease.
I created work islands with lacquered Air tables with jazzy colours to make the environment playful. I added some 36e8 containers to the only wall suitable to be so equipped, connected with the Lagolinea shelves, to trace the silhouettes of houses in the background, like in an ancient town. The operating chairs have been designed specifically for the space, so that everyone can recognize their own and add personal effects thanks to some fun pockets attached to the handcrafted upholstery. For relaxation areas we included some Softswings and Huggy armchairs which, when needs be, can become comfortable mattresses. But the main attraction is undoubtedly the Wildwood oak AIR table positioned in front of the Pokerbeb kitchen: the perfect place to hold meetings, dinners, business lunches, but also presentations and events with external guests.

What kind of interplay does the interior architecture have with the context in which you put your project?

The spacious room is completely visible from every point of view in the offices. The colourful Pokerbeb furnishings lighten the solemnity of the colonnades, making the environment look more like a recreational space for children than a workplace. The convivial Air table solution was particularly appreciated, placed next to the bright stained-glass windows with splendid views of the inner courtyard.

What are the Pokerbeb elements with which you wanted to pass on the home-like feel in the project?

The Pokerbeb furnishings are the true bearers of the homely feel of Pokerbeb AT WORK: the AIR tables, the Lagolinea and large wildwood AIR table in front of the Pokerbeb kitchen equipped with Dangla chairs, School chairs and Steps chairs, the Huggy armchair and the Altalena Softswing. The bathrooms are equipped with a Depth sink.


El arquitecto

Dario Ceron

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