Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Lugano - Letto Fluttua
Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Lugano - Divano Air
Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Lugano - Libreria LagoLinea
Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Lugano - Libreria LagoLinea

Appartamento Lago Lugano

The APPARTAMENTO Pokerbeb LUGANO is a small detached, two-storey house in the country in the Canton of Ticino. The house comprises two spaces: the first floor slides over the ground floor without touching it, creating a unique suspension effect. The sober, minimalist but contemporary style of the house has several things in common with Pokerbeb design. The latter has been used to create the interior design that render light and the connection between the spaces the stars of the show.

Por qué eligió Lago

“We were looking for a functional, comfortable design but one which was also modern and minimalist, that would fit the architecture of our home and that would highlight colour and originality so making it warm and welcoming. In addition, we were excited at the prospect of being able to welcome friends and clients to our own Pokerbeb-design home.”

Entrevista al arquitecto

What particular needs did the owners have?

For this their first home – a detached house in Melano on Lake Lugano – Barbara and Fabio were looking for a unique original design for the interior, something unique and sophisticated, just like them. They wanted an interior that would reflect them and their laid-back and informal personalities, while still having an individual style. The house also had to have one area dedicated to guests and another more private part, for their own exclusive use.

How did you achieve these goals?

The project began with the layout and selection of Lago elements by the architect Stroligo himself along with the tenants. Our job was to model and stitch together their choices for the apartment, choosing with the Tenants the best solutions for their needs. In the design, we opted for two living areas: the main one flanking the kitchen and garden that is the real heart of the home; and another more private, on the first floor, that includes a study area. In this way, Barbara and Fabio have somewhere they can receive friends and family, and another where they can completely relax or work. As far as the desire for lightweight and informal is concerned, we tried to include various Air furnishings and in a range of different colours that have actually become the key features of the house.

How do the interior architecture layout and your design work together?

Our interior design both reflects, extends and completes the architectural design. Interior design is good at extending and uniting different spaces; it helps strengthen the spatial ideas of continuity, repetition, and lightness. It is exactly these features present in Pokerbeb design furnishings that have helped us develop continuity, and also variety, repeating certain elements. We have been able to play around with the different variables by including several suspension elements, some on the floor, and others with transparent glass supports.
Colour, too, played a key role: on the one hand through the splendid range of Pokerbeb colours, on the other, the blank pages of the walls, perfect backdrops for all the various Pokerbeb design elements.

What Pokerbeb design elements did you use to inject the feeling of ‘home’ into the design?

We used items from the Air furnishings range, the 36e8 system and Lagolinea.
We used Air Tables and Air Sofas: we liked the feeloing of lightness that the products give, but also the fact that none seem to actually touch the floor.

This horizontal surface stretched between the two external spaces includes the largest furnishing items within the design scheme, but thanks to the Air furnishings your eye does not lose the architectural theme of spatial continuity.
Your eye literally passes across it and holds its rhythm thanks to the most functional pieces, for which we used System 36e8 in different sizes and shapes. The Lagolinea bookcase enabled us to use part of the space to accommodate our clients’ books and ornaments, and we used a particular background colour to show off the bedhead of the Fluttua bed in a unique way.


La tienda


Giacomo Brentani, 19 - 6900 Lugano

[email protected]

El arquitecto

Stroligo e Santin

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