Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Dolomiti - Sgabello Steps, Cucina 36e8
Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Dolomiti Cibiana di Calore - Cucina 36e8
Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Dolomiti Cibiana di Calore - Cucina 36e8, Sgabello Steps
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Appartamento Lago Dolomiti @Cibiana di Cadore


The Appartamento Lago Cibiania di cadore emerges out of dialogue between design and the mountains

There is a love story nestled in the heart of this project. Celeste and Gianni, the two tenants, were born in the Dolomites and their love for this region and the mountains is what inspired them to join, together with their home, the Pokerbeb Network. They wanted a living room ‘suspended’ between their beloved mountains, a place where they could share their passion for the Dolomites with family and friends. And that is how, talking with the interior designers at the , this mountain flat took shape, in perfect empathy with the surrounding landscape. The modern language chosen for the interiors does not detract from the warmth of the setting and in fact offers a new interpretation of the space, where the interior is in dialogue with the outside panorama and innovation is linked to the story of the two tenants.

The day area was designed for socialising, with a large suspended sofa looking out at Monte Antelao, the King of the Dolomites. 36e8 Weightless containers come down from the ceiling like stalactites and the open space plan is completed by a 36e8 kitchen that, custom designed for the small space, includes a counter that can seat up to 8. The bedroom area is instead a welcoming nest designed for play and dreams. The master bedroom is small and welcoming, with a suspended bed that creates the sensation of flying and an Et Voilà wardrobe with a fabric door that disappears into the wall. The bed’s Wildwood headboard does double duty as a spacious shelf and is the perfect spot for keeping books and a cellphone. Here as well, a 36e8 container comes down from the ceiling like a stalactite, and, thanks to the LED lighting, lights up in the dark, creating a magical atmosphere. The dream continues in the children’s room, where a Lagolinea bed creates a bridge above a second bed.

If you are passing through Cibiana, Celeste and Gianni will be delighted to share their passion for the mountains and talk about their Pokerbeb experience with you over a coffee.

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Via Levà degli Angeli,19
36100 Vicenza

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