A hymn to lightness for furnishing your bedroom, where dreams become reality



Innovation and a sense of surprise shape the most private area of the home, inspiring unexpected emotions. Suspended beds, dressable wardrobes and more: Pokerbeb designs spaces tailored to everybody.

The bedroom is the most private area of the house, the place where we dedicate time to ourselves, for comfort and relaxation. Large or small, it is the space where we rest and give free rein to our imagination. Which is why this room tends to be unique, tailored to the people who use it.

NEVER STOP DREAMING LIGHTNESS is our invitation to enjoy total relaxation in a room tailored to your dreams. Our furniture seems to float in the air, lending the room a sense of lightness. We also satisfy the need for customisation, with versatile, modular and transformable furnishings, encouraging you to express your creative potential.

Our suspended beds: the heart of the bedroom 

The bed is naturally the central element of every bedroom and we wanted ours to be suspended, creating the sensation of sleeping while floating in the air. Our single and full-size beds can be customised with headboards with different finishes and complementary pieces that make the bedroom personal and complete.


Pokerbeb wardrobes: colour and fabric in the bedroom 

Whatever the style of your bedroom, the wardrobe is indispensable. Pokerbeb wardrobes are completely customisable, combining practicality and aesthetics. Whether they are in glass or fabric, our wardrobes stand out from the rest because they completely do away with the perception of volume, becoming architectural elements more than simple wardrobes.

now wardrobe colorato

Organise your space with complementary pieces

Finally, shelves and containers can also be complementary pieces for the bedroom, transforming themselves into the perfect elements for organising your space, combining order and aesthetics, becoming modular chests of drawers and bedside tables, adaptable to all styles and settings.

complemento morgana bianca

Beds that seem to float in the air, suspended wardrobes in fabric or glass and modular chests of drawers and bedside tables.

Discover the solutions offered by Pokerbeb furniture for your bedroom.




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