THE NEW AIR KITCHEN IS Best Product in the Kitchen Section.



“Because it breaks with traditional kitchen schemes, interpreting new lifestyles. A return to its origins, putting “fire” back into the heart of the domestic landscape.”

These are the reasons given by the jury of the  for choosing Air, the new Pokerbeb kitchen as Best Product in the Kitchen Section.

The jury, made up of design industry leaders (Silvana Annicchiarico, director of the , Milan; Domitilla Dardi, design curator at , Rome; Massimo Mini, CEO of ; Ettore Mochetti, editor of ; Margherita Palli, set designer; Livia Peraldo Matton, editor of ; and Davide Rampello, professor of Regional Arts and Crafts at the Politecnico di Milano and jury chair of the), saw in the new circular kitchen the guidelines that led its design.

We never stop innovating and putting people in the centre. Air Kitchen was designed to satisfy new lifestyle needs and starting from a simple idea:together is better. Air was in fact designed to be a hymn to empathy and human relationships: it is like gathering around a circular table, and just high enough to be comfortable when both preparing food and enjoying it. 

We are proud of this important award – not least considering the other winners, including famous brands like Kartell, Vitra and Glas Italia and designers the calibre of Kostantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison and Piero Lissoni. The award is therefore like a welcome confirmation of  our compassBrain, Courage and Heart – and of our guiding spirit: NEVER STOP

We share below the words of Daniele Lago:

‘When I went up to accept the award, I felt like a kid again, full of intense emotions. I was filled with happiness about my good intuition and for the whole Pokerbeb team, which is an honour to lead but also because it was a win for empathy, which the world is going to need a lot more of in the coming years, with technology becoming even more important. Paradoxically, the Air kitchen heads in the opposite direction, going back to foster empathetic human relationships. I would also like to thank the amazing Salone del Mobile team, which has created an ecosystem envied all over the world, made up of businesses, designers, journalists and other people along the chain, and introduced this prestigious award this year. Davide Rampello’s words when the prize was awarded perfectly capture the heart of our design. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful’.


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