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Lago Welcome Verona @Verona Design B&B


In the historic centre near the banks of the river Adige, the Mura Magistrali walls and the Arena, travellers who wish to have a lyrical experience should stay at the Pokerbeb WELCOME Verona, in comfortable design rooms that promise to make guests feel right at home. The Pokerbeb interior design project is inspired by the will of the owner who wanted to convey familiarity and elegance, and one simple and refined space just like the city that surrounds it.

“Using the Pokerbeb interior, I could shape the space at my own pace picking up on two features that are fundamental both for me and for Verona: sounds and colour. In addition, the characteristics of their furnishings supported by almost invisible glass supports generate a sense of lightness and awe in those who enter the rooms.”

Do you want to open a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast furnished by Lago?

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