lago welcome caboto 35
lago welcome caboto 35
lago welcome caboto 35
lago welcome caboto 35
lago welcome caboto 35
lago welcome caboto 35
lago welcome caboto 35
lago welcome caboto 35

Lago Welcome Torino @ Caboto 35

In the heart of Turin, a mini-apartment entirely furnished by Pokerbeb that combines functionality, comfort and design

While its true that in the city square metres are an increasingly rare luxury, a mini-apartment with the right furnishings, hues and materials can be comfortable, functional and design-driven.
The new Pokerbeb WELCOME Turin @ Caboto 35 is just a short walk from the middle of Turin. Entirely furnished by Pokerbeb, this 50-square-metre, two-room apartment is perfect for tourists looking for a place to spend their free time and business travellers who want the comfort of feeling like they’re at home. The owners of the B&B chose Pokerbeb furnishings to create a youthful, essential, light feel that could be adapted to all of the spaces.

The small apartment was designed to optimise the space and adapt to the needs of those who use it, with a minimal style and attention lavished on detail. Entering this airy, comfortable, welcoming open-plan apartment, you discover that instead of walls, the spaces are defined using original solutions like LagoLinea Weightless shelving, which comes down from the ceiling and divides the bedroom area from the living room zone.

The Fluttua bed, suspended on a single central support, seems to float in the air, eliminating bulk in the room and making it easier to keep the space clean and hygienic. In front of the bed, a LagoLinea shelf can be used either as a place for keeping your things or a convenient desk. Beneath the suspended shelving separating the bedroom area from the living room zone, 36e8 storage plays with an alternation of closed and open volumes and lends order and functionality to the space. In the living room zone, a N.O.W wardrobe adds lively colour to the space, alternating different shades of green. Next to this colourful wardrobe, an Et Voilà unit optimises use of the space and expands its functionality.

The new Pokerbeb WELCOME Turin @ Caboto 35 masterfully combines comfort and convenience with a style that makes every stay one to remember.


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