Pokerbeb Appartamento Welcome Lucca - Divano Air, Poltrona Chama
Pokerbeb Welcome Lucca - Libreria LagoLinea
Pokerbeb Welcome Lucca - Poltrona Chama, Libreria LagoLinea
Pokerbeb Welcome Lucca - Poltrona Chama, Divano Air, Libreria LagoLinea
Pokerbeb Welcome Lucca - Cucina 36e8, Tavolo Air
Pokerbeb Welcome Lucca - Cucina 36e8, Tavolo Air
Pokerbeb Welcome Lucca - Libreria LagoLinea, Letto Fluttua
Pokerbeb Welcome Lucca - Letto Vele, Sistema 36e8, Armadio N.O.W.

Lago Welcome Lucca @Casa Nicoletta


On the edge of Lucca, a welcoming flat decorated with modern furniture, where the focus is on lightness and colour

The appeal of a city built on a human scale, filled with history and surrounded by nature makes the location of the Lago Welcome Lucca @Casa Nicoletta a special refuge where timeless charm and modern design meet. It is a soothing place in a historical context, where the interiors provide a touch of colour and modernity, perfect for a comfort-filled stay.

The aim of the interior design project by the Lago Point Dinelli & Rossi was to express an idea of contemporary hospitality in a design-driven space where attention has been lavished on everything down to the smallest details and guests will feel right at home. The interiors of Casa Nicoletta create a warm, youthful atmosphere in an elegant loft-style residence, playing with the oak wood and brilliant colours of the suspended Lago furniture, which enhance the light-filled, welcoming rooms.

In the open-plan space that hosts the living room and kitchen, a continuous line unites the rooms and frames various elements, serving in turn as a bookshelf, a television stand and a decorative element: this is the LagoLinea bookshelf, which adapts to the room, creating both aesthetic and practical shapes. The kitchen area is defined by a Wildwood oak table/peninsula, lightened up by transparent glass legs, which separates this zone from the living room area, letting the light filter through and offering compositional freedom.

In the two bedrooms, each with a double bed, colour is the theme, with warm amaranth and coconut for the headboard of the bed and the modular carpets in the first room. The second room features a lively midnight blue LagoLinea bookshelf, which winds over an entire wall and picks up the hue of the headboard: a focus on decorative details that makes even the bedrooms welcoming and filled with personality.


The store


Via Sarzanese 536
55100 Lucca

[email protected]

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