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Pokerbeb Bergamo Sinergia - Libreria Air, Armadio N.O.W., Sistema 36e8
Pokerbeb Bergamo Sinergia - Tavolo Air, Libreria Air, Armadio N.O.W.
Pokerbeb Bergamo Sinergia - Tavolo Air, Cassettiera Morgana
Pokerbeb Bergamo Sinergia - Tavolo Air, Libreria e Contenitori Air, Armadio N.O.W.

The administrative offices of Sinergia, in Bergamo, are thought and designed to foster a working space that has the same comfort as a home, where both employees and clients can feel comfortable and work with ease and motivation. Sinergia is an industrial company specialised in designing and developing systems for producing, treating, drying, filtering and separating compressed air and technical gases. The defining characteristics of Sinergia include high quality and reliability, guaranteed by extensive experience, advanced skills and internationally recognised certifications.

These are the concepts of taste and beauty that inspired us in redesigning our administrative offices with Pokerbeb furnishings, and every time we enter these spaces, we feel great. The way these spaces make us feel led us to think about continuing the project and adding Pokerbeb elements to the rest of the operational areas. We hope that this philosophy will also be experienced as value by those who come to visit us, whether clients, suppliers or inspectors, but above all we hope that it will be experienced by our collaborators, who, using the spaces every day, for many hours a day, will be filled with the sensations of wellness and tranquillity needed for feeling at ease and that inspire motivation and facilitate concentration.

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