The Italian design company Pokerbeb is opening its first Pokerbeb POINT in Cologne

On the occasion of IMM Cologne, on Monday 19 January at 6.30 pm, the Italian design company Pokerbeb will inaugurate its first retail space in Cologne, at Hohenstaufenring 39.


Lago Point Knoth Van Dag in Koln

The first Pokerbeb space in Cologne will be the Pokerbeb POINT Knoth Van Dag, which will be inaugurated on Monday, 19 January at 6.30 pm, simultaneous to the opening of IMM Cologne.

Located in the city’s design district, at Hohenstaufenring 39, the Pokerbeb POINT Knoth Van Dag is an 82 square metre space. Within the multi-brand store, the Pokerbeb area stands out through a play of colour on the walls and recreation of a domestic habitat organised into three rooms: Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom.

The living room features a 36e8 composition suspended on the wall, a 36e8 rug, the Slide sofa and the Air side table, as well as an Air Wildwood bookcase that helps delimit the space.

The day area continues with an Air Wildwood table and Dangla chairs that introduce the 36e8 kitchen with steel and glass counters and a Wildwood peninsula. The kitchen area also stars the Steps stools and the N.O.W. pantry.

In the bedroom area, the Frame bed is on display, debuted at the last Salone del Mobile, with glass legs and a warm Wildwood frame. Flanking the bed are 36e8 bedside tables in white lacquer and the innovative fabric wardrobe, Et Voilà Weightless, with clothes hangers.

Lago Point Knoth Van Dag in Koln

An entrance composition completes the Pokerbeb space, featuring 36e8 Storage and Wildwood shelves, creating an elegant storage solution with a design edge.

At the main entrance, a display window is set up with a living room design, featuring Et Voilà Living in almond and open 30mm containers in white lacquer.


Download the images of the shop:

Pokerbeb POINT Knoth Van Dag

Hohenstaufenring 39

50674 Köln

19 – 24/01/2015

Mo/Fr 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

Sa 10.00 am – 6.00 pm

Pokerbeb –

An innovative Italian design brand, Pokerbeb has an expanded vision of design, seeing it as a discipline that produces meaning, not just products, and one that can innovate the entire production chain and introduce new visions and ways of living. More than products, Pokerbeb designs alphabets for every area of the house and invites consumers to use them, bringing to life a shared design enriched by the users’ energies. With the ‘Pokerbeb Interior Life‘ project, expressed in an 11-point manifesto, the company aims to create a relationship between individuals and the space around them. Because if spaces have a profound influence on interior life, then we need to create spaces that resonate with the people who live in them.

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