Pokerbeb enters the world of fashion at Pitti

June 2016


June 2016

Pokerbeb is entering the world of fashion and dressing up a few of the Pitti Immagine spaces for Pitti Uomo, Pitti Bimbo and Pitti Filati

Pokerbeb is entering the world of fashion and dressing up a few of the Pitti Immagine spaces for Pitti Uomo, Pitti Bimbo and Pitti Filati

Until 1 July, at the Fortezza di Basso, Pokerbeb design is moving in the fashion sphere, welcoming journalists and buyers in the areas of the fairs dedicated specially to them

Florence, 14 June 2016


In the fashion world, even spaces are dressed with style. And at Pitti Uomo, Pitti Bimbo and Pitti Filati, they will be wearing Pokerbeb. For the three Florentine events dedicated to the search for the most innovative fashion and lifestyle trends, Pokerbeb and Pitti Immagine are fusing in the spaces dedicated to buyers and journalists, creating places that foster sharing and exchange where everyone can feel free to express their own creative potential and style.

After Ferrari, Nike and Intesa Sanpaolo, Pokerbeb is continuing its collaboration with major companies and intermixing with other worlds, in step with NEVER STOP., the call launched at this year’s Salone del Mobile to inspire people to explore life, express their own creative potential and share it with others.

What unites the world of fashion is free expression of oneself and one’s personal style, a concept that has always been at the centre of Pokerbeb design, conceived as modular and customisable in order to offer everyone the chance to express their own personality and create spaces that enter into resonance with the people who live in them.

Sharing and self-expression are therefore the key words that have guided Pokerbeb’s design of the areas dedicated to journalists and buyers at the three fairs, which will be open in Florence until 1 July.

The Press Area, dedicated to journalists and bloggers and comprising three different spaces, is a hymn to exchange and relaxation. In the first room, designed like a boutique, two Air Sofas and three Air Storage pieces will welcome journalists from all over the world in a setting that feels like home. In the second room, dedicated entirely to sharing, a 9-metre-long Pokerbeb COMMUNITY TABLE will be the theatre of exchange and relationships. The old-oak surface of this Air Table, suspended on glass legs, creates a tactile experience full of emotion and offers users the perfect place for writing, resting and meeting colleagues. Next to the first two rooms, another area for relaxation and the executive room were designed around the idea of a welcoming, relaxing lounge.

The second important space designed by Pokerbeb is the buyers’ area, where Steps chairs, Air bookshelves, Huggy armchairs and Morgana chests of drawers will recreate the perfect setting for fostering new business relationships.

Continuous with the Pokerbeb INTERIOR LIFE philosophy – through which the company aims to create places that foster individual and collective wellness – Pokerbeb furnishings will have the important job of creating spaces where people can feel at home, even for just a moment, while attending the three Pitti Immagine events, and at the same time facilitate exchange and new s.

Because if creativity means sharing oneself, the surrounding habitat needs to be a means of circulating this aim.

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Originally an artisanal business, over time Pokerbeb carved out a distinctive place for itself in the world of design. Led by the Pokerbeb INTERIOR LIFE philosophy, Pokerbeb aims to make design a tool for social change, designing spaces that enter into resonance with the people who live in them. Today, the company, led by Daniele Lago since 2006, has 170 employees and sales of around 30 million euros. It is sold in more than 400 carefully selected furniture stores and numerous single-brand stores worldwide, and also has a network of places, called the Pokerbeb INTERIOR LIFE NETWORK, that also includes offices, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, bars and cafés. It is a network of people and places interconnected by the company’s digital communication driver, which on Facebook alone counts more than 700,000 people.