How do we become kids over time?

The new children’s room catalogue, put together by our design team with the contribution of a group of childhood and adolescence experts, invites us adults to invest in a kind of total quality that helps parents raise their children to appreciate beauty and passion for life.

Daniele Lago | CEO & Head of Design – Pokerbeb

IT TAKES A LIFETIME TO BECOME KIDS. It needs time. And this time needs to be experienced in spaces that stimulate the thinking faculties of the people who live in them. In them, kids grow. With the ambition to become adults. While remaining kids. Being, always and forever, human.

Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò  | Architects, Designers

Adults often forget that play is a serious thing. Very serious. It is the way children learn how to move within the world, simulating reality. And a bedroom that respects the world of childhood should nourish the dimension of play.

Marnie Campagnaro | Professor of Theory of Children’s Literature, University of Padua

Pokerbeb Kids & Young Bedrooms are a stimulating space, where the body and mind can grow year after year. For at least 15 years, their bedroom is their world. A place of refuge and sharing, play and learning, rest and activity. A unique, adventurous space, just like a young life.

Virginio Briatore | Design Philosopher

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