In the heart of Milan, a design-driven space dedicated to business



CASA Pokerbeb: a multi-function space where design creates a welcoming environment with a home-like feeling.

The synthesis of years of research and experimentation, CASA Pokerbeb has the goal of creating relationships with everything that resides outside the company, projecting itself beyond furniture design and production: an open house that serves the needs of business people and professionals, welcoming them in space distinguished by high design content that fosters encounters, life and business.

CASA Pokerbeb has all of the rooms found in a private home, with the aim of making the people who use it feel just like that: at home. The Dining Room, Living Room, Mini-Apartment, Studio and Library can all be booked for events, conferences, business meetings, company presentations and press days, as well as dinners and cooking demonstrations.

We have selected, with all of the same care we pour into our work, partners who play an important role in the functionality and aesthetic of CASA Pokerbeb. In particular, , for the electrical and digital systems for the whole flat and in the spaces devoted to relaxation for body and mind, we have chosen , for the taps in the kitchen and bathrooms, and , for the showers in the bathrooms.


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