The new The Nice Group social hub – covering an area of more than 3,000 square metres and the eighth Pokerbeb INSIDE in the Pokerbeb INTERIOR LIFE NETWORK – has opened in Oderzo.

Putting the community, people and their social creativity in the centre. This was the goal set out by, a home automation company that, with the aim of enriching its own eco-system with stimuli no longer based simply on industrial production, asked us to design its new company social hub.

Starting with an analysis of the space – which is quite large and serves a variety of uses – we thought about how design could effectively foster exchange, sharing and the generation of knowledge at the basis of its conception. Four areas needed to be furnished: the showroom, the café, the conference room and the cafeteria.

Our first step was to set up a large Pokerbeb COMMUNITY TABLE, which reigns over the space and extends from the café all the way to the showroom, creating continuity between the spaces and fostering new interaction.
In the cafè, we instead created a home-like feeling, installing a kitchen with a Wildwood counter and a large, 15-metre long COMMUNITY SOFA, for relaxing and enjoying the view of the garden. While the cafeteria is a large room with vast windows that let the light in and suspended furnishings that fill the whole space with a feeling of lightness, fostering relationships and encounter. Finally, the conference room, which we brought to life with colourful chairs and obeliscus seats that can be easily tucked away, since time and ideas flow in a dynamic setting.

The : an innovative, unique space and only the most recent result of our collaboration with , which first started to develop in 2014 and was firmly established at Milano Design Week 2015, when the company’s Fontana Arte lamps were chosen to light up all of our network’s locations and a large Pokerbeb COMMUNITY TABLE enjoyed pride of place at their stand. It won’t be long before we will have new projects to share – stay tuned!






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