A 11.000-square-metre "non-factory", a huge house built in accordance with the principles of bio-architecture.

Surrounded by nature, the Pokerbeb FABBRICA looks like a glass and wood house. Embracing the Lean Thinking philosophy to foster our production of sustainable, customisable design, the Pokerbeb FABBRICA - filled with the light of sunset coming in through the transparent perimeter walls - produces authentic vitality, since here the producer is also the consumer. There, just like in a big house, safety, health and well-being have always been an non-negotiable value.

This is why we decided to adopt measures designed to protect everyone’s health and safety, implementing a management system compliant with international standard OHSAS 18001. Built with materials designed to last, the Pokerbeb FABBRICA is also a symbol of our respect for the environment and our constant work to protect it. We are committed to embracing values and responsibilities aimed to protect our Earth through our culture and the choices we make every day. The implementation of a management system compliant with standard ISO 14001 is a symbol of our desire to protect the environment each and every day.


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