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Our Interior Life vision, dedicated to living spaces, caught the eye of Intesa Sanpaolo. And the result is , the banking group’s new Innovation Centre in the Turin skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano.

The 31-story Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper is a vision of the bank of the future with work spaces and reception areas that foster individual and collective wellness. We collaborated with Intesa, Italy’s most important bank, on a project to rethink the experience inside their offices but also in their branches.

Applying the experience we have acquired planning all areas of the home, we created spaces with a home-like feeling that evoke the positive sensations that the domestic environment generates in all of us.
The Pokerbeb AT WORK Intesa Sanpaolo comprises two areas: the Innovation Centre – featuring an open-space plan designed as a Lab/ Co-Working/ Event space that can also be configured as a conference area – and an administrative area characterised by lightness, which we used to enhance the Turin skyline it overlooks.

In the area dedicated to the Innovation Centre, modularity, colour and practicality make the space informal and innovative. In the centre of the space, we set up a 13-metre Pokerbeb COMMUNITY TABLE, conceived as a co-working space and dividing the room in two areas: Lab and Event. In the LAB area, a ‘materials hub’ supports the construction of prototypes while the events area is set up with armchairs and sofas, recreating the welcoming atmosphere of a living room at home.
As mentioned, the space can be reconfigured into a conference hall. To make this transformation quick and easy, we added wheels to all of the furniture – a small structural modification specially used for this specific project. In the reconfiguration, in which the modular sofas are aligned to create a soft stair and the table gets moved, the Obeliscus benches can be pulled out from the compositions set up on the walls as needed.

The space is completed with a kitchen area, conceived for moments of conviviality and relaxation.

The administrative area is instead distinguished by a light, airy design, developed to enhance the panorama it overlooks and make the space more spacious. The suspended furniture seems to float in the blue sky coming in from the windows and the end of the day is marked by the light of sunset, which envelops the space.

This new Pokerbeb AT WORK is part of our Pokerbeb INTERIOR LIFE NETWORK, a network of places designed with wellness set firmly in the centre of the planning process.




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