400 square metres in an elegant palazzo just a short walk from the Milan Cathedral, where the spaces enhance the furniture design: CASA Pokerbeb is an open home where ‘design thinking, networking and a home-like feeling meet to create new connections and business opportunities’.

CASA Pokerbeb was designed to meet the varied needs of businesses and professionals. Its spacious rooms are perfect for co-working, events and business meetings, and complete with all of the necessary technological equipment.

The technological aspects of CASA Pokerbeb are thanks in no small part to our partner , which provided all of the electrical and digital systems, making it a space run by smart devices perfect for meeting all kinds of needs. With a few simple taps, BTicino’s ‘smart actions’ even make it possible to manage the home remotely, a technological innovation that touches every aspect of the ways the spaces at CASA Pokerbeb can be used.

BTicino has developed its home automation solutions with a focus on convenience and security: alarm systems that provide images of a space in real time, even remotely, smart energy systems for monitoring energy consumption and tools for using multimedia technology. The NUVO audio system, to take an example, makes it possible to manage the music at CASA Pokerbeb with just one simple, intuitive app and listen to different music in every room.


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