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“Kindness is the conscious decision to listen, being attentive to others’ needs, doing something for others without them knowing it”.

Starting from the belief that kindness in the work world is about offering everyone the opportunity to work in the way and place that suits them best, we designed a kind office, a place that can give voice to the women of Intesa Sanpaolo who meet the challenge of managing work and private life with determination each and every day.



The design-driven spaces of this renovated former greenhouse have all of the functionality of a complete home. The airy, welcoming open-space plan is devoted to concentration and well-being, and designed for working women who need to find a meeting point and balance between company and personal needs and are committed to improving motivation and productivity.

The single-room space, the structure of which is almost entirely glass, creating the sensation of working under the open sky, is tailored in every aspect, privileging clean lines and light colours to create an orderly, welcoming atmosphere.

A central part of the design is the Air kitchen, which has integrated burners so that it can also be used as a round table and dining room. The circular kitchen is surrounded by four areas designed for as many different uses: bedroom, living room, office, reading area.




The play of materials, finishes and colours that characterizes each area creates harmony and encourages the circulation of ideas, relationships and life. The living room and office are adjacent and, to make the most of the space, share a shelving unit that has a different function on each side: television unit in the living room, storage unit in the office.

They are completed by a table that serves as a work station and a suspended sofa for relaxing breaks. The bedroom and reading area are on the other side of the space, both designed for rest and reflection.



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