Kind Homes / Patrizia Bambi

Metropolitan suspension

An Interior with a Rock Rhythm

Kindness is like music. It comes from within. It fills us with emotion. And its notes know no bounds.

Exploring her personal idea of kindness, starting with listening to her most private self, we designed METROPOLITAN SUSPENSION, the entirely Lago-furnished home of Patrizia Bambi, creative director and founder of the brand Patrizia Pepe.




A home that looks out onto the city, where classical elegance and modern verve meet. Suspended volumes, strong hues and the juxtaposition of different materials express the energetic, delicately sophisticated personality that she inspires. Patrizia Bambi’s home tells the story of a dynamic, refined, curious woman, one open to new influences, drawing on art, literature and music—especially rock.




The heart of her home is the area of the living room and dining room, two spaces elegantly designed to complement one another and welcome socialising as well as relaxation and private moments. One side of the large Slide sofa, which can be reconfigured according to need, looks out at the suspended view of the city, while the other side faces a wall-mounted television table, creating a play of solids and voids and volumetric contrasts that fill the room with rhythm. Behind the sofa, a large Air bookshelf suspended on glass soars towards the ceiling, lending lightness and vivacity to the space. The same play of rhythm and suspension continues in the dining room, with a large Air table that floats over the city lights and a 36e8 sideboard that, through the alternation of wood and painted glass, translates the vivacious, contemporary spirit of the lady of the house into furniture.




The play of hues in the living room is repeated in the bedroom, where the colour rhythm becomes architecture in the N.O.W wardrobe and the decisive colour palette and pure volumes create a contemporary, welcoming and elegant atmosphere. The interiors of the wardrobe, which are embellished with lacquered accessories, are the same colour as the doors, which is picked up in the shelves, dividers and drawers. The misaligned volumes of the multi-finish, suspended chest-of-drawers express personality-filled dynamism. Refined, contemporary taste is also reflected in details like the fabric-covered bedside table that rests on the headboard of the Air Wildwood bed.


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