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An elegant Roman house

“Kindness is a feminine lightness that keeps the world afloat and alone can save it”.

Lella Golfo, President of the Fondazione Marisa Bellisario, embraced the Pokerbeb project in the conviction that ‘today, spreading and calling for kindness means daring, going against the grain, but also trying to making one’s own contribution to making the world a better place’”.

The project for her elegant home in Rome, her beloved adopted city, was inspired by her strong, altruistic spirit.




The villa, nestled in the green of the Roman hills, is a design-driven home with timeless elegance, a place of rest and inspiration for a woman whose life is dedicated to social and women’s issues. Her home is where she focuses on her personal life and enjoys a bit of free time, in a setting that lets the surrounding landscape into every room thanks to the suspended furniture, inserted into the spaces with a light hand.


In the spacious living room, the blue hues of the Air sofa, suspended shelving and hand-painted ceramic of the Air MadeTerraneo table contribute a warm, welcoming Mediterranean air to the space, communicating a strong sense of hospitality and representing for Lella her native region. The rigour of the wall-mounted volumes of the TV unit is lightened up by suspension on transparent glass: here, everything flows freely without obstacles, creating the impression that the space is continuous with the surrounding landscape.




In the simplicity of its forms, the island kitchen shares the timeless, elegant language of the living room. The colour palette adheres to the natural essence of the materials used: wood, lacquer and glass, which merge in a harmony of lines and volumes that create a contemporary, refined atmosphere. The white N.O.W pantry conceals the household appliances, to maintain the clean, essential lines of the space. Designed for cooking and eating together, the kitchen is perfect for social evenings spent around the MadeTerraneo table, which brings a bit of Sicilian flavour into the kitchen as well.




Completing the day area, the home office is elegant and formal, with a large, clean-lined wooden Vertigo table in the middle of the room and extensive wall-mounted shelving featuring a play of colours and alternation of solids and voids.




The same welcoming and strongly customised atmosphere is found in the bedroom, where the Air bed, suspended on glass legs, features a distinctive and refined upholstered headboard. All of the suspended furnishings create a chromatic mood that is reflected in the palette of the N.O.W wardrobe, which has glass doors and interiors customised to her needs.



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