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Something Kind

A loft inhabited by words

“Kindness is welcoming the world instead of defending yourself against it. It’s understanding others instead of judging them.”

Listening to her idea of kindness, we furnished the loft of Chiara Gamberale, a writer translated into eighteen language and the author of, among others, the best-selling volumes “Per dieci minuti”, “La zona cieca” and “Qualcosa”.




Chiara Gamberale’s house is at once both welcoming and surprising, a place where the furnishings flow freely like words on a page, creating settings that straddle the line between dream and reality and welcome ideas, words, emotions, friends and readers. In this 170-sq m loft, the modularity of our design lets the written word become furniture. Or better, the language chosen for furnishing the rooms is love for writing translated into interior. Enormous bookcases, floating freely in the space, run along the walls, and suspended furnishings and essential seating, punctuated by large restful empty spaces and full-height windows, mark out the metrics of the rooms like parentheses.




The Pokerbeb furnishings express themselves with lightness, communicating Chiara’s gentle, kind spirit with continuity in every room. The living room and dining room are perfect for finding inspiration, relaxing or spending time with friends. The bookcases come down from the ceiling like stalactites, the large Air sofa with a Wildwood back welcomes breaks in the daily flow and the spacious Vertigo table, completed by adjustable Lift chairs, invites socializing and sharing.




Furnishings filled with personality, alternating glass, old wood and delicate hues, characterise the living room area and are echoed in the bedroom, where the same language is expressed in paler colours and softer suspensions. The star of this dream-like setting is the Fluttua bed, flanked by a suspended chest of drawers and bedside tables, creating the sensation of flying between the pages of a novel. A large accessorized Et Violà wardrobe completes the space like a spacious magic box made of fabric, opening with a simple gesture and then disappearing into the wall.

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