Kind Houses / Carla Fracci

White reflections

An interior project for a tiptoed home

“Kindness! It’s something incredibly useful for the interior and exterior life of all of humanity and what lets us welcome and give to others.”

Starting from her personal interpretation of the concept of kindness, we created WHITE REFLECTIONS, the entirely Pokerbeb-furnished home of Carla Fracci, dancer, actress and global cultural ambassador for Italy.

An ethereal vision multiplied by an infinity of sparkling reflections. Reflecting surfaces, light suspensions and the purity of white express the elegance of Carla Fracci’s home, a spacious, airy renovated building that unites harmonic forms, delicate hues and pure materials, all perfectly balanced as if in a graceful dance. Every room features dynamic elements that give an edge to the reassuring forms of the simple volumes, adding movement and vitality using a refined, sensitive language, expressed ‘en pointe’.


Soggiorno design


In the living room, every detail is gently refined, from the pale hues and elegant fabrics to the finishes of the openwork storage. The allure of simplicity takes on fresh dynamism expressed in misaligned volumes, the asymmetrical arrangement of the sofa, made up of unusual trapezium modules that lend movement to the forms, and the contrasting finishes of the wall-mounted 36e8 system.


Sala da pranzo Pokerbeb


In the dining room, a Lagolinea shelf runs along the wall with the lightness of a dance step, creating refined geometric shapes on the surface. The dark wood table contrasts with the light fabrics of the adjustable Lift seat backs and the glass sideboard, the highest expression of attention to structural details. The elegance of glass is also reflected in the kitchen, where the harmonious encounter between forms and materials, together with the suspension of the volumes, create a surprising effect of lightness that characterises the whole space.


Camera da letto design


Timeless elegance is also found in the bedroom, rendering even the most classic materials, like oak, modern. The most intimate room in the house is a place for relaxation and passions: not just devoted to rest, it also serves as a frame for Fracci’s daily dance exercises, marked out by the mirrored doors and white glass of the wardrobe, which multiply the light reflections.


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