LagoLinea Bed- Daniele Lago, 2014


For children’s rooms with a design edge

Dreams wrapped up in a single line

Designed for children’s rooms, the LagoLinea Bed is made up of a single running line that creates its structure. In the Weightless version, it is a nest where you can hide away and let your imagination soar.

Strong points




Integrates with LagoLinea and DiagoLinea

The LagoLinea Bed dialogues with the LagoLinea and DiagoLinea systems, creating charming, practical landscapes in children’s rooms.


Children’s rooms should always have a special hiding place. In the Weightless version, the LagoLinea Bed is suspended on the wall, making it almost like a treehouse.

Just one line

The structure of the LagoLinea Bed is made up of a single continuous line that picks up the concept of the LagoLinea system and can be suspended on the wall or supported by glass legs.

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Technical details


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