Pokerbeb washbasins: a surprise for body and mind

Water runs over washbasins that lift up like waves from the wall and, like ancients spring immersed in nature, welcome the gestures of personal care. The creativity of Pokerbeb washbasins brings uncommon forms and materials into the bathroom, adding warmth and surprise. Circular or square washbasins in Wildwood oak, ceramic or elegant mosaic, designed to last and inspire unexpected emotions each and every day.

Kera Basin

A practical, ceramic basin with a rounded shape.

Depth Basin

design washbasin with a glass bottom for furnishing luxury spaces and modern bathrooms.

Skin Basin

A resin-covered design washbasin that seems to detach from the bathroom wall.

36e8 basin

A thermoformed washbasin for elegant bathrooms.

Basica Basin

ceramic washbasin that pairs with 36e8 containers and LagoLinea shelves, for design bathrooms.

Cellule Basin

A Cristalplant® washbasin that can be integrated with towel holders and glass or Wildwood trays.

Inbilico Basin

ceramic washbasin that challenges our sense of balance. Perfect for furnishing design bathrooms.

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