Hues, materials and expressive freedom: the ingredients of Pokerbeb kitchens

Designed around the gestures of cooking and the creativity of life, Pokerbeb kitchens are built for the needs and spaces of the people who use them. So many materials, hues and configurations for welcoming guests, talking and cooking together. Functional, timeless design, conceived for the life that happens around it.

36e8 Metal XGlass Kitchen

This kitchen always looks like new. This is because it is extremely resistant, hygienic and easy to clean.

36e8 Marble XGlass Kitchen

Suspended blocks of lightweight XGlass marble work well in elegant, sophisticated kitchens.

36e8 Wood XGlass Kitchen

Exclusive wood designs featuring a bold grain and a perfect surface finish, thanks to XGlass.

36e8 Fenix Kitchen

This design is based on an elegant, very resistant material and a nanotechnological structure that is hygienic and anti-static.

36e8 Glass Kitchen

Modular design kitchens, suspended on glass legs or mounted on the wall and customisable down to the centimetre.

Air Kitchen

A circular kitchen, available in both island and peninsula form, created to celebrate the life that surrounds it.

36e8 MadeTerraneo Kitchen

kitchen with breakfast bar with working surfaces clad in Mediterraneanstyle tiles, adding a touch of history and charm to your home.

36e8 Wildwood Kitchen

Noble centennial oak logs handcrafted define the volumes of a warm and welcoming kitchen.

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