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Pokerbeb kitchens are built around the people who use them, custom designed for their spaces and made to last. Create your own island, peninsula, round or suspended kitchen selecting containers, finishes, hues and models in total freedom, completing the result with unique pieces: suspended tables, modular pantries and colourful chairs. Discover the ingredients of Pokerbeb design and create the perfect recipe for your kitchen.



36e8 Kitchen

Modular design kitchens, suspended on glass legs or mounted on the wall and customisable down to the centimetre.

36e8 Wildwood Kitchen

A modular hanging kitchen with working tops, front panels and unit doors in solid oak – a kitchen that champions the warmth of this timeless material.

36e8 Stripes Kitchen

36e8 MadeTerraneo Kitchen

A kitchen with breakfast bar with working surfaces clad in Mediterraneanstyle tiles, adding a touch of history and charm to your home.

36e8 Steel Plus Kitchen

Air Kitchen

A circular kitchen, available in both island and peninsula form, created to celebrate the life that surrounds it.

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N.O.W. Pantry

The ergonomic N.O.W larder integrates appliances and can be fitted out with a range of accessories.

N.O.W. Smart Pantry

36e8 Pantry

A wall-suspended larder for modern kitchens: ergonomic openings and easy to clean.

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Air Table

The suspended Air table seems to float in the air, thanks to its glass legs. Perfect in the kitchen, living, office and children’s room.

Extendable Air Table

Thanks to the leaves, this wooden table can be extended to accommodate up to four extra friends.

Round Air Table

A round table that floats in mid-air with invisible legs and sinuous lines, creating just the right atmosphere for a friendly chat in the living room and in the kitchen.

Air MadeTerraneo Table

A table on glass supports, with hand-painted ceramic top – an original interior design touch for the contemporary home.

Loto Table

An extendable table that opens out like a flower. With the leaves, it expands from four places to eight.

Vertigo Table

A design-driven table with clean, essential lines that perfectly suitsthe living room, kitchen and office.

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Pletra Chair

An upholstered chair with a modern design that gives comfort and allows a great customisation of fabrics.

Lift Chair

An adjustable chair with classical design, highly customisable thanks to the comfortable, adjustable seat back.

School Chair

A chair for kids’ rooms. A classic of school furnishing, raised up a few notches with eco-leather.

Air Wildwood Bench

A Wildwood bench, suspended on glass legs, for furnishing cafés, kitchens and bathrooms.


A design bench that shapes itself to the weight of the body; a comfortable seat for public and private settings.

Dangla Chair

A chair for the living room or office that can be customised with a choice of covers: textured, smooth or with a zip.

Steps Chair and Stool

A design chair made of felt and aluminium. Recyclable and lightweight, for the kitchen, living room or study.

Joynt Chair

The chair back flexes backwards: the Joynt chair brings ergonomics to the office, but also to the home.

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36e8 Sideboard

Sideboards with the dimensions, hues and finishes that you want, for the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Plenum Sideboard

La madia Plenum è il mobile contenitore dai differenti effetti materici, perfetto per dare un tocco di design a soggiorno, sala da pranzo e cucina.

Air Sideboard

Thanks to its modern lines, the Air sideboard furnishes the kitchen and dining
room with lightness and style.

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