Inbilico Basin- Andrea Leoni / Pokerbeb STUDIO, 2014


A patented product for bathrooms with a design edge

The basin that slants

Inbilico is a ceramic basin that challenges our sense of balance. It looks like a wide rotating cylinder stopped in a tipped position, as if frozen there in time.

On installation, you can choose the basin’s orientation according to your aesthetic or ergonomic needs.

Strong points




Resistant ceramic

Ceramic is a broadly appreciated material and used in bathrooms for its resistant, extremely durable surface. The ceramic for Pokerbeb basins is treated to increase its robustness and shine.

A surprise in the bathroom

A design basin that seems to move, and yet is it perfectly still. Inbilico plays with our sense of balance, adding a bit of movement to the bathroom setting.

A slanted basin

The basin is no longer straight up and down. Inbilico is a slanted basin with a surprising design that gives you the experience of a moment frozen in time.

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Technical details

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