Cellule Basin- Daniele Lago, 2013


A patented product for bathrooms with a design edge

A circular basin

A freestanding circular basin made of Cristalplant®, around which you can arrange, like little cells, Wildwood or coloured glass trays and metal towel holders.

Strong points




The strength of Cristalplant®

Cellule is a Cristalplant® basin with an integrated wall-mounting system. Cristalplant® offers the advantages of being a homogeneous material and 100% restorable in case it gets scratched or accidentally damaged. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and flameproof.

Accessorise it how you like best

The Cellule basin can be accessorised with trays in wood or glass and metal towel holders. The number and material of the accessories can be customised and they can be placed at different points of the basin according to user need.

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Circular perfection

Cellule is a simple circle surrounded by other circles. It is a simple, practical design with an always-intriguing personality.

External lacquering

The external lacquering of the Cellule basin offers more opportunity for customisation and gives it a new identity. There are 32 Pokerbeb colours from which to choose.


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Technical details



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