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Beds tailored to your dreams

Beds tailored to your dreams

Suspended on glass legs, as welcoming as a nest, light as a cloud, Pokerbeb beds are the stuff of dreams. The customisable headboards lend personality to the space and the innovative design, conceived to induce sleep and rest, dialogues perfectly with any style.

Fluttua Bed

A bed suspended on a single leg: rectangular or circular, it lends a bit of magic to the bedroom.

Air Wildwood Bed

A bed suspended on glass legs with a wooden headboard, for adding warmth to your bedroom.

Air Bed

A design bed that rests on transparent glass legs; can be accessorised with backrests and shelves.

Colletto Bed

Thanks to the soft ring around its entire perimeter, Colletto is a design bed that is as comfortable as a nest.

Fluttua Round Bed

Vele Bed

A modern bed for keeping everything within reach: the headboard integrates numerous support surfaces.

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