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Suspended beds, wardrobes with fabric doors and essential bedside tables bring the Pokerbeb bedroom to life. A hymn to lightness in the bedroom, the room where dreams take flight. Create a unique space, giving shape to your emotions.



N.O.W. Wardrobe

A customisable, practical design wardrobe, with doors made of colourful vertical bands and a handle, for children’s rooms.

N.O.W. Smart Wardrobe

A wardrobe that disappears into the space: versatile, original and customizable.

N.O.W. Sliding Wardrobe

Glass and colour come together to create a sliding wardrobe that optimizes the entire space.

Et Voilà Wardrobe

Design wardrobes, in floor and wall-mounted models, with an interchangeable fabric door.

Et Voilà Weightless Wardrobe

A suspended wardrobe that seems to disappear into the space, using the fabric as a door.

Air Wardrobe

A design wardrobe for furnishing bedrooms, but also clothing stores.

Et Voilà Walk-in Closet Wardrobe

A walk-in closet that organizes the daily space, bringing the clothes closer and making them easy to take and put away.

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Fluttua Bed

A bed suspended on a single leg: rectangular or circular, it lends a bit of magic to the bedroom.

Fluttua Round Bed

Air Bed

A design bed that rests on transparent glass legs; can be accessorised with backrests and shelves.

Air Wildwood Bed

A bed suspended on glass legs with a wooden headboard, for adding warmth to your bedroom.

Vele Bed

A modern bed for keeping everything within reach: the headboard integrates numerous support surfaces.

Colletto Bed

Thanks to the soft ring around its entire perimeter, Colletto is a design bed that is as comfortable as a nest.

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36e8 Chests of Drawers and Bedside Tables

36e8 chests of drawers and bedside tables are light and practical, tailored to your needs and suited to any kind of bedroom.

Colletto Storage

A little glass table for the living room. When covered with fabric, it becomes a bedside table.

Morgana Storage

A chest-of-drawers-cum-sculpture with wheels and spacious drawers that can rotate in every direction.

Punto Storage

A unique storage that also serves as a mirror, for furnishing the living room, bedroom and bathroom.


Softswing è un’altalena morbida e colorata con cui giocare e divertirsi.

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36e8 Mirror

A mirror for bathrooms, entrances and living rooms, can be accessorised with towel holders and shelves.

Slide Mirror

A design mirror made up of trapezium modules, can be integrated with the Slide shelves and floor.

Punto Mirror

Paired with the LagoLinea shelves, the Punto Mirror creates hidden spaces for tucking things away out of view.

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Dressers and Bedside Tables

Dressers and Bedside Tables

36e8 Chests of Drawers and Bedside Tables

36e8 chests of drawers and bedside tables are light and practical, tailored to your needs and suited to any kind of bedroom.

Twins Bedside Tables and Chest-of-Drawers

Design storage where one component slides over the other, to create different configurations.

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Single Beds

Single Beds

Fluttua Single Bed

Fluttua is a suspended single bed that gives children the magical sensation of sleeping in the air.

Gizmo Bed

A corner bed, perfect for furnishing small rooms where the bed cannot be placed in the middle of the room.

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