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Large or small, the bathroom can be a place for calm and tranquillity. Unique washbasins, mirrors and storage bring an element of surprise to the bathroom, creating a space devoted to relaxation for the body and mind.



Depth Basin

A design washbasin with a glass bottom for furnishing luxury spaces and modern bathrooms.

36e8 Basin

A thermoformed washbasin for elegant bathrooms.

Cellule Basin

A Cristalplant® washbasin that can be integrated with towel holders and glass or Wildwood trays.

Skin Basin

A resin-covered design washbasin that seems to detach from the bathroom wall.

Basica Basin

A ceramic washbasin that pairs with 36e8 containers and LagoLinea shelves, for design bathrooms.

Inbilico Basin

A ceramic washbasin that challenges our sense of balance. Perfect for furnishing design bathrooms.

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36e8 Mirror

A mirror for bathrooms, entrances and living rooms, can be accessorised with towel holders and shelves.

Tangram Mirror

Like the Tangram bookshelf, this mirror can be configured in whatever shape you like and is well suited to bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

Slide Mirror

A design mirror made up of trapezium modules, can be integrated with the Slide shelves and floor.

Punto Mirror

Paired with the LagoLinea shelves, the Punto Mirror creates hidden spaces for tucking things away out of view.

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36e8 Bathroom Furniture

Modular, light 36e8 bathroom furniture lets you create versatile solutions for the bathroom.

Punto Storage

A unique storage that also serves as a mirror, for furnishing the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Morgana Storage

A chest-of-drawers-cum-sculpture with wheels and spacious drawers that can rotate in every direction.


Softswing è un’altalena morbida e colorata con cui giocare e divertirsi.

FraMeet Frames

Two frames that join up and communicate with one another. FraMeet gives your memories space to express themselves.

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Bathroom Furnishings

Bathroom Furnishings

36e8 Bathroom Furniture

Modular, light 36e8 bathroom furniture lets you create versatile solutions for the bathroom.

LagoLinea bathroom shelves

A shelf that winds on the wall, creating new and customizable shapes.

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