Armchairs and Sofas

Pokerbeb upholstered furniture fills your living room with personality and the armchairs become emergency guest beds in a snap.

Air Sofa

Daniele Lago

A modular sofa, with interchangeable seats and seat backs, for adding airy lightness to your living room.

Huggy Armchair

Brit Leissler / Lagostudio

Perfect for design living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, Huggy can be transformed into an emergency bed.

Chama Armchair & Sofa

Mi Jin Park | Pokerbeb STUDIO

An armchair that easily transforms into a comfortable guest bed, single or double.

Slide Sofa

Daniele Lago

An ergonomic design sofa, with repositionable trapezoid modules, for giving your living room an ever-changing look.

Lastika Armchair

Velichko Velikov / Pokerbeb STUDIO

Forty elastics form the seat: this Lago design armchair is lightweight and stackable, for the living room, children’s room or study.

Obeliscus Sofa

Luca Maria Arosio, Paolo Emanuele Nava / Pokerbeb STUDIO 2012

The rectangular Obeliscus sofa furnishes the living room or children’s room, adding a few extra places to sit.

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