36e8 Basin- Daniele Lago, 2013


A patented product for bathrooms with a design edge

A glass basin

The 36e8 module, originally designed for the living room, is also the base for bathroom storage. The gently curved 36e8 Basin is a glass basin integrated with a 36e8 container, designed to merge with it perfectly.


Strong points




Hygienic and easy to clean

Glass has a pristine surface, and its beauty remains unchanged over time. It is a practical bathroom material, since it is hygienic and easy to clean.

The elegance of glass

This thermoformed glass basin was designed with a light touch. The glass gives the colourdepth, enhancing it and giving the bathroom a touch of elegance.

2 metres of thermoformed glass

Glass makes it possible to create large, elegant basins with homogeneous, continuous surfaces. The top is available in a width up to 2 metres, and can host up to two thermoformed basins.

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Technical details

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