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Pav 16 stand B25 - C30

The elusive emotion of colour in five interiors inspired by the brushstrokes of Leonardo’s Last Supper. 450sqm set up with Pokerbeb furnishings designed for contemporary living.

In Leonardo’s work, infinite interpretations of colour take on an astrological formation, which divides the scene into five parts. Each of these parts represents a season of the year with Jesus as the sun in the centre. Drawing inspiration from this interpretation, we have created five interior design moods, identifying colours from the artwork pertinent to each season, to create clear-cut, evocative spaces. The resulting five interior domestic spaces flaunt a colour palette and range of materials that represent the piece of artwork in its infinite expressions of sign and colour.

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Austere in its icy rigour, winter brings with it a contemplative stasis. We forgo one colour at a time.

The desaturated, cold colours which set the tone for Hibernum meet natural, emotive surfaces in the form of the Wildwood and marble-effect XGlass finishes that add value to the interiors.


As the light draws in during autumn, the colours of nature are broken up as they ripen. It is a time for knowledge and wisdom.

The elegant pale colours instil a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere in the whole space. The alternating hues of the furniture evoke the chiaroscuro effects which come out in autumn, as the shadows lengthen.


The sun presides over the colours. The light at its height passes through objects, transforming them into full, dazzling, glowing colour.

The vitality of the different combinations of colours and finishes brings every element of the interiors to life. The two dining room and bedroom spaces captured in this mood both feature an extensive colour palette and a variety of finishes that fill the space.


Time passes at a placid pace. Suspended, weightless nature is enveloped by a warm glow.

The Aestas interior design lightens the shades of the furniture composition in the space, featuring light and airy suspensions and volumes with movement. Each space is fresh and airy, dressed in sleek and simple lines

Primo Vere

An impulse breaks the stillness, with promises of new life. Time passes energetically again, dissolving the colours into fresh, delicate tones.

Tenuous spring shades inspire these interiors. Tortora-coloured parchment encloses the spaces, which evoke the season in all of its different colour shades. Different materials and finishes combined together create contrasts that give movement to this lively, nimble furniture composition.


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