Milan Design Week

New products

During Salone del Mobile 2018, Pokerbeb presents new products that enrich the Lago design collection.

Bold Table

Bold Table, the new table designed by Daniele Lago, seems bent on challenging the force of gravity, playing on a surprising effect of suspension. The magic is in the shadow, a physical black element that sidesteps the presence of a base while stabilising the table leg. The absence of bulky legs frees the table from constraints, rendering it comfortable and versatile, with room for lots of diners, amplifying the feeling of conviviality and making sharing its strong point.

Kitchen Fusion

Elegant and sculptural, Pokerbeb’s new kitchen plays with volumes designed to permit the use of different materials, creating a new form of compositional expression. The three compact blocks fit together seamlessly, creating chromatic and material contrast that emphasises the encounter between volumes in different materials. The middle component is in Wildwood, an aged oak with a three-dimensional grain, and is flanked by massive marble blocks, made to appear light by suspension on extra-clear tempered glass.

X Glass

New material directions for glass.

The XGlass finish was created following research into materials for interpreting contemporary interiors. Thanks to the digital revolution we are the first ones to present its application in the world of design, by transferring images on glass and reinterpreting natural materials that either take on a fine and contemporary effect through the matt finish, or that take on a vivid and deep effect through the polished finish. The great resistance of glass and its reduced thickness make it possible to apply it to different types of Pokerbeb products such as feature wall compositions, sideboards, tables, dressers and bedside tables. The range of available finishes includes three marble patterns offering different effects and colour shades: Calacatta gold, Calacatta black and Marquinia, and other materials such as like stones, metals, fabrics or woods will be soon released. XGlass is used to clad units to create a monolithic effect, or to interact with other materials and play with original juxtapositions. The XGlass panel gives an emotion that starts from nature and preserves it, as in the case of marble, so we can avoid the extraction of blocks from our beloved planet.


An innovative alchemical aesthetic that brings a new language to the world of storage, rich with fine woodworking details.


Fortyfive is built on modular elements distinguished for the original and exclusive 45° construction of their aluminium-faced connecting ends. Once put together, joining the two adjacent elements, an innovative aesthetic alchemy results that brings a new language to the world of storage, rich with fine woodworking details. Fortyfive is neither a shelving system nor a drawer system nor a cupboard system: it is a liquid solution that combines all three categories, creating a new aesthetic language for the storage world. It offers total design flexibility and simplicity: Fortyfive can be used in any area of the home, whether as a bookshelf, large or small, a television table, a sideboard, a chest-of-drawers and much more, always using the 45° join design that gives it its name. All of the spaces created by this innovative system can be fitted with doors with various opening mechanisms, drawers or baskets in different materials.


Opening up the doors, one finds an interior in total harmony with the rest of the structure: for the first time, interior and exterior are the same thing.

Plenum Sideboard

As a monolithic unit entirely clad in glass, this sideboard with an XGlass finish is made up of a single marble block, finished in matt or glossy glass, or lacquered glass. Both sleek and textured, this sideboard is fitted with sliding, coplanar doors which take up less room and offer a large storage compartment. It is available in one size only: 220,8 x 75 x 56 cm.

Stratum Table

Subtle layers of matter make up the design of the Stratum table: a sculptural object that is made up by XGlass glass panels, the new finish that brings the digital magic to furnishings. The thickness of the legs lets the light permeate, giving the table unique emotions while changing the point of view.

Ermes Chair

Ermes is a chair with supple lines open to infinite stylistic interpretations. By combining fabrics with leathers of the seat and back, or using tone-on-tone shades of the same material, you can create chairs with different personalities in line with the surrounding interiors. The backrest comes in two heights, personalising your comfort even more. The metal frame is made using a special moulded profile which makes it lighter and more elegant. It is available in a painted Grafite finish.

Pils Sofa

The Plis sofa is a modular unit that combines soft, linear shapes on the seats with ruched fabric across the broad backrests. The backrests can be height-adjusted for maximum comfort on any occasion. They are also fitted with an innovative extension mechanism developed by Pokerbeb, which makes it easy to move from a low-back to a high-back configuration. This means they can be adapted to different usage needs at different points during the day. At the simple press of a button, the backrest extends or retracts, thanks to an internal mechanism and specially worked upholstery, making it easy to personalise comfort.

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