Milan Design Week


“Come si dice pattern in italiano? / How do you say pattern in Italian?”

A selection of some of the best Italian emerging visual art finds its home in Milan during Design Week at our Fuorisalone fringe locations: CASA Pokerbeb and Appartamento Pokerbeb Brera.

“Come si dice pattern in italiano?”, an exhibition curated by Italianism, will dress these two locations with a selection of 41 patterns designed by 41 of the best creative Italian artists around. is an online platform monitoring and promoting Italian contemporary visual culture since 2015. It has chosen four Italian artists and creative teams (Riccardo Guasco, Francesca Pignataro, Puntuale + Francesca Infantino, and Studio Mistaker) to create four patterns specifically inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, in response to Pokerbeb’s invitation to look beyond, drawing inspiration from the insatiable curiosity of the genius himself.

“Come si dice pattern in italiano?”is a project born out of the idea to find a common thread in contemporary Italian creativity, a way of telling the Italian story of illustration, design, graphic design and photography through a single magnifying glass, focused on what’s new and brewing in a world that often goes by unnoticed.
What’s different about “Come si dice pattern in italiano?” is that we took the idea and turned it into a challenge, in the form of a project. We asked the best in visual art talent to create a pattern for the homepage. For a period of forty weeks, starting in June 2017, we commissioned, collected and published original patterns or patterns made exclusively by creative young Italians in Italy and abroad. The idea was to give them the opportunity to show their work, putting together what, almost a year later, has become a large, thriving database.
But why patterns? Because in their very essence as fixed or variable modular elements that repeat, patterns are a tool for explaining the world. Photographers, textural artists, lovers of textiles, tattoo artists and 3D or digital processing experts: creative types from different worlds have met on Italianism over the months, each interpreting a unique story in their own way. A story which has often surprised even us.

Renato Fontana,
Founder and director of Italianism

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