Casa Pokerbeb Milano

In the centre of Milan, a design-driven space dedicated to business


CASA Pokerbeb, a multi-function space where design creates a welcoming environment with a home-like feeling, is in the centre of Milan, a short walk from the cathedral. Designed to meet the needs of businesses and professionals, all of its bookable rooms are multi-function and can be transformed ad hoc for events, conferences, private meetings, business meetings, dinners and even cooking demonstrations. There are even two uniquely designed apartments available for business meetings.


SALOTTO - A welcoming, transformable event room with a video wall

The CASA Pokerbeb Living Room is a large, elegant event and conference room with modular furnishings that can be transformed according to need: from a presentation with an area for the audience to meetings, major events and even workstations for two. The room also has a video wall, making it perfect for Press Day in Milan.

SALA DA PRANZO - A kitchen and Community Table for cooking demonstrations and business dinners

The Dining Room is the CASA Pokerbeb food hub. Designed to foster conviviality, it has a long Community Table with an Air kitchen on the far end, creating a perfect stage for cooking demonstrations, lessons and other food events. A wall separates the Dining Room from a professional kitchen.

CUCINA - A working kitchen for bar and restaurant service

The CASA Pokerbeb Kitchen is the perfect place for a coffee or quick break Here, the keyword is ‘feels like home’. All CASA Pokerbeb guests are welcome to use the Kitchen. Starting at 10.00, it is also available for business breakfasts and aperitifs, a short walk from the Milan Cathedral.

BIBLIOTECA - A meeting room and co-working space

Are you looking for a meeting room in Milan or a co-working space just a short walk from the Cathedral? The Library is the perfect place for gathering a group of people around a table for a meeting, presentation, event or just working undisturbed, in a unique, practical space designed by Pokerbeb.

APPARTAMENTINO - A private, elegant business space

The CASA Pokerbeb Mini-Apartment is a welcoming, design-driven space complete with a loft and a full slate of amenities. Dedicated to relaxation but also designed to meet business-oriented needs, it is the perfect space if you are looking for an elegant workspace in Milan for business meetings and business presentations.

STUDIO - Your temporary office in Milan

The Office is the perfect place for relaxing between meetings. Behind the bed, which has a ceiling monitor, you will find a bathroom with a colour therapy and aromatherapy shower for an even more relaxing experience. But the Office lends itself to more than relaxation: the furnishings can be rearranged according to need, transforming the space into a temporary office in Milan with a big square table for meetings.


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