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Being a part of the Pokerbeb Network gives you access to new business opportunities and relationships that go beyond the world of design, extending to real estate, hotels and offices.

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The Pokerbeb Interior Life Network is a widespread network of places that includes shops, houses, cafés, flats, restaurants, ice cream shops, hotels, museums and lots of other places where Pokerbeb design makes experiences and relationships flow.


The Pokerbeb DISCOVER channel is where you can experience Pokerbeb design. It includes places like hotels, B&Bs, museums, galleries, sample flats in properties and offices.


The Pokerbeb for Architects community is made up of qualified professionals: being in the Pokerbeb system gives you an opportunity to meet architects and interior designers who can work with you on residential, recreational and work projects.


A programme through which dynamic entrepreneurs can furnish a sample flat> in their building with Pokerbeb products. Pokerbeb design raises the building’s quality and Pokerbeb communication increases its visibility. The sample flat acts as a driver for selling the other flats in the building.

Pokerbeb AT WORK

Offices, open spaces, meeting rooms and workplaces designed with the same attention usually reserved for planning one’s own home. Increasing the wellness of work spaces also increases productivity.

Pokerbeb WELCOME

A network of B&Bs, boutique hotels and design residences furnished by Pokerbeb that together form a multi-site hotel. At Pokerbeb WELCOME sites, your trip becomes a unique, customised and unforgettable experience.

Pokerbeb INSIDE

A programme designed for ice cream shops and cafés as well as galleries, museums and trade fairs. Here, Pokerbeb products, thanks to customised design and an innovative communication approach, create a warm, welcoming environment for customers, also increasing the site’s capacity for generating business.

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