From 3 to 5 November 2017, Pokerbeb furnishings will be welcoming visitors to the 24th edition of Artissima at a bistro that encourages dialogue and participation.

We believe strongly in cross-influence between disciplines. And that is why we have designed and furnished the Pokerbeb Art Bistrot on the first floor of the Oval Lingotto in Turin for the contemporary art event .

A space designed to conjure up the home environment, where direct dialogue can be established with guests: Pokerbeb has transformed the bistro into a hub for dreaming up and sharing new ideas and meanings. The design for the space recreates the rooms in a home and inspires customers to reflect on how the Pokerbeb home, like art and design, is also borderless and can be used to meet a multiplicity of needs.  

The room features a COMMUNITY TABLE, conceived to create connections through design: this is where guests will be welcomed, encouraging sharing and conviviality, since for Pokerbeb what happens around the object is more important than the object itself. The space is completed by all of the other tables in the Pokerbeb range, in different shapes and finishes, to create a bistro that feels like home. Among them, an island Air kitchen, winner of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Award and the Good Design Award 2016, which is being used at the bistro as a table. Its double function reinforces Pokerbeb’s conviction that the use of an object depends on how people want to use it, and not merely on how it was designed to be used.

Home has no boundaries. And neither do Art & Design. Where do they meet?”

This is the concept that guided the entire planning process for the Pokerbeb Art Bistrot, which also offers guests a sitting room, designed to encourage debate and encounter. Throughout Artissima, everyone will have a chance to share their own opinion, leaving a message on a wall designed especially for the occasion.

Lago Art Bistrot Artissima

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