Sparkling,Young, Elegant. Discover the new workspace Pokerbeb AT WORK PADOVA @ SHR

Luminous bookshelves, suspended desks and a big Pokerbeb Community Table for meetings.

The workspace Pokerbeb AT WORK SHR Italia is an example of how design, in the office just like at home, can improve our lives in interior spaces, encouraging everyday interaction, the circulation of ideas, work and productivity.

Pokerbeb AT WORK SHR Italia is an informal workspace designed to improve the experience of the people who work there every day as well, as that of those who are just passing through. Nothing in the design was left to chance. The reception desk extends all the way to the kitchen, to create conviviality; the waiting room is an airy space to help lighten up passing time; the big Pokerbeb Community Table encourages meetings and group work.

We asked the team who works there every day to tell us about the design and the day-to-day activities that bring it to life.

What were your interior design needs?

We were looking for a space where lots of people could work together, one that facilitated team-work, creative comfort and the exchange of ideas. We were also looking for informal spaces where we could hold meetings with our clients, settings ‘outside the norm’ for law offices. We were looking for spaces where people could feel at ease, talking, discussing things, including things that of great importance.

How does design affect your workday?

We like working in settings that make us feel good, beautiful spaces that you spend time in willingly. In part because we spend a lot of time at work and external factors often condition our days.
The design of an office speaks of us without lots of introductions, it intrigues and stimulates talent and innovation.

Your office provides services that help people manage the various aspects of the world of work. How important is the work environment for productivity?

Lots of natural light, big, comfortable spaces, materials and colours create a work environment where the beauty of simplicity has a positive effect on the workday and favours innovative, creative thinking.

Three words that describe your office.

Sparkling, Young, Elegant

The Pokerbeb COMMUNITY TABLE has hosted lots of different events. Who would you like to see seated around it?

We are looking for professionals who want to engage and do something new in the world of professional services. We are looking for entrepreneurs who believe in the value of individuals, and who believe that people can be the driving force of their businesses.


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