Pokerbeb INTERIOR MOOD and all the impressions of the Milano Design Week 2015



There are lots of ways of living in spaces and lots of places where we can feel at home. Led by the company mission to improve life in interior spaces, we have created the new concept Pokerbeb INTERIOR MOOD, a collection of scenarios for living in and inhabiting space made up of furnishings, objects, music and colours that you can use to dress your interiors, making them unique and inspirational. We presented the moods in preview at Milan Design Week at our Pokerbeb INTERIOR LIFE NETWORK sites, where we invited you to feel at home.

CURIOSITY Shop Experience @ Pokerbeb STORE Milano Lodi

Pokerbeb WELCOME Milano Duomo #1 e #2

Pokerbeb INSIDE Milano Turati @ CUP CAFE’

APPARTAMENTO Pokerbeb Milano Brera

open | Pokerbeb THE OTHER STORE

Kids Design Week @  Museo della Scienza

Pokerbeb AT WORK Monforte

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