Interview with Mauro Soddu – Redesigner and designer of a flat with an essential, material character, flooded with light

In the heart of Cagliari, in a building in the historic city centre, we discovered a flat with an essential, material character, flooded with light, where our Air system is like a fish in water. This is the project that marks the debut of Mauro Soddu, a young Sardinian architect, in our Pokerbeb REDESIGNER network. We love to find out how our design is interpreted by designers in answer to their clients’ requests, and how it then tunes itself to the people who live with it. For every furnished home, there are two stories to be told: one about the person who designed it and one about the people who live there. We started with meeting the person who designed the space.

What were the owners’ needs?

They are a young, dynamic couple who live abroad and travel frequently for work. The house needed to be a refuge for winter weekends and a place to relax during summer holidays, planned around the concepts ‘continuity, discovery, material and contemporaneity’.

How did you interpret these needs?

The spatial continuity was achieved by opening up passages, eliminating doors and using glass in the furnishings. Discovery, accentuated with plays of light, comes in when you open the wardrobes (mirrored and non-), which lead to secret rooms. Travertine was used for the floors and the walls, becoming covering, structure and function. In different finishes and enhanced by focused and grazing light, it satisfies the desire for having natural material in the home. Contemporaneity is the guiding concept for the project, in the formal and technical choices and in the life of the home: a home-automation system makes it possible to manage the electrical systems even when away.

How does the interior design dialogue with the Sardinian city the flat calls home?

The choice of Sardinian travertine is a declaration of love for the territory. The view out towards the city port runs from the entrance to the living area: this was made possible by opening up the big passage in the living room. The terrace above, from which you can enjoy a view of the sea to the south and historic buildings to the north, is devoid of volumes, in respect for the city centre.

What is the view from the windows?

Since we are in the historic city centre, where the streets are modest width, looking out the windows on the long side of the flat one breathes the city atmosphere of times gone by. The privileged view of the sea to the south inspired me to put the living area at the end of the flat, not only for irradiation and scenic effect, but also to accentuate the ‘discovery’ theme.

What would you like to create with Pokerbeb design?

A pilework hotel suite on the sea, with glass floors!

Architetto Mauro Soddu

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