Kind Homes / Cristina Celestino

Il cielo in una stanza

The Home as a Dreamlike Space

“Kindness is silence. It is a silent, welcoming spirit capable of creating harmony and beauty.”

The image evoked in the interior designed by Cristina Celestino, completely furnished by Pokerbeb, leads to far-off places. A refined mise en scène that, at first glance home-like and private, opens up to the infinite, transforming the very idea of ‘room’.

Cristina Celestino’s house is extraordinarily poetic, thanks to the suspended furnishings from the Air range.

The fabrics create a unified theme, from the drapes to the wardrobes and skylights, breaking through the ceiling to reach the dimension of dreams. The colour palette plays with the hues of a past that has become contemporary, which, just barely evoked, creates a reassuring, familiar atmosphere beneath a starry sky. Imaginary portholes lead the eye beyond a horizon framed for delight, devoted to dreamers who love to lose themselves while gazing at the stars.




Inspired by dreams, here Pokerbeb furnishings are shaped to create spaces of timeless fascination, looking toward a distant horizon and balanced between a familiar atmosphere and far-away worlds.

The living room was designed for comfort and Cristina’s creativity: her personal interpretation of the wall-mounted 36e8 system is unique and original, lending character to the interior. The suspended furniture, from the sofa to the round glass Air table, seem to float in the air, defining the rooms with soft forms and delicate colours that are then echoed in the bedrooms.




The desk and bed also seem to float in the air, and pick up the hues and patterns of the fabrics used for the Et Voilà wardrobes. Above and behind the double Air bed is a suspended LagoLinea Weightless bed, perfect for creating a new space within the room, without limiting free use of the space.

In the children’s room, a continuous LagoLinea shelf encloses the foldaway bed and the large pillow that serves as its headboard. The N.O.W. wardrobe looks like a large colourful box filled with imagination and does its part to keep the space tidy and in order.


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