Opening Pokerbeb WELCOME @ Saint Tropez




On 10 October, we will be in Saint-Tropez to open the boutique hotel ,
the first example in our Pokerbeb WELCOME project.

is a historic fishermen’s home that architects Daniela Pastore
and Stefania Racca have transformed into an exclusive design hotel.

The interior design, created in collaboration with the,
takes guests on an emotional journey, giving new value to the hotel experience.
With Pokerbeb WELCOME, B&Bs and Hotels transform into spaces distinguished by clean,
colourful, welcoming high Italian design that offers something entirely new.

With the Pokerbeb WELCOME format, we are addressing entrepreneurs   and individuals
looking to make use of opportunities in the tourist  and hospitality market,
building a network of sites that can generate   experiences and an international community
of people for whom travel   is a permanent part of work and life.

A network that the company is very much a part of, thanks in part to its 500,000 Facebook s,
who are part of an established communications machine of undoubtable impact.

Opening Event COCKTAIL ON THE ROOF 10 October 19.00
38, Avenue Gen. Leclerc, ST Tropez


Pokerbeb WELCOME

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